A busy 2021 for Smart Point in 2021's REACH UK Class


At the beginning of 2021, Smart Point was selected amongst the top 7 European Tech companies to be a part of the REACH United Kingdom (European branch or REACH NAR) acceleration program. Following the footsteps of DocuSign towards US expansion and creating a long term link with America's largest trade association, the National Association of REALTORS®. The other companies alongside Smart Point in 2021’s REACH Class are Hammock, Myroffice, Offr, Radweb InventoryBase, UnderTheDoormat and Sprift.

About REACH and their mission in Real Estate

REACH is the no. 1 global Accelerator in Real Estate, leveraging 100 worldwide partnerships in 85 countries and a network of executives within the commercial and residential real estate sector. Their mission is to help launch and accelerate the most promising new tech companies in the real estate and adjacent industries through an intensive event-based, mentorship program. ‘By helping companies innovate in the industry we help hundreds of thousands of small businesses, millions of REALTORS® and consumers and the economy as a whole.’

They are affiliated with Second Century Ventures (SVC), a venture capital fund, focused on promoting innovation in the real estate industry, and the National Association of Realtors (NAR), America’s largest trade association involved in residential and commercial real estate.

REACH started their acceleration programs back in 2013 with their first Class. Since then, 62 companies, supplying the real estate industry including BombBomb, RealScout, House Canary, and BoxBrownie, graduated from the program. 

Once graduated, the alumni will not only have entered a long-term partnership with NAR and SCV, but will always have access to the REACH team, as well as have built relationships with the other participants of the program. 

REACH UK 2021 Class companies alongside Smart Point

Smart Point in REACH UK 2021 Class

By having been accepted as a member of 2021’s REACH UK's class, Smart Point's delivery solution and convenience services have been recognised as top tier once again, Smart Point having been acknowledged as one of the 7 most promising technology companies in Europe. Also, Smart Point has now gained access to a robust investor community, a strong mentoring program and access to a wealth of support by industry experts.

Also, the REACH program is packed with exciting networking opportunities and events every single week. 

Here is the schedule for this june:

  • 1 and 3 June – Mentor Meetings
  • 7th of June – Strategy Sessions Week  
  • 9 June - British Property Federation & UKPA panel - Are you being served? How tech can service tenants in and out of the office?  
  • 15th June- BTR Expert Panel
  • 16th June -  Founders Equity, Dilution and Cap Table 
  • 22nd June - Propertymark webinar 
  • 23 -24 June - Relevation Summit – Digital 

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