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More than 200 services in a single Smart Point™

Receive all your deliveries, packages and online purchases in your smart locker for free

Free shipping in all your online purchases

Adapted service catalogue for users.

Connect your building with more than 200 providers.

Without barriers, fully open source.

Everything in just one single point of trust.

Convenient for your personal and laboral life.

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Delivery services always free

Access to a big list of exclusive services

    How do we do it?

    We manage all the deliveries and personal packages through our smart lockers for employees. We are part of the employer branding programme for big corporations.

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    We manage all package and service deliveries via our smart lockers for employees. A Smart Point is an integral part of an employers benefit program for their employees

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    Our Smart Points receive all your packages and deliveries while you aren´t home. We install in apartment block lobbies helping residents to manage their busy lives and adding value for the building.

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    "I use the service a lot because most of my purchases are online, I'm very happy"

    Pilar Bailén

    Viladomat 185

    "It saves a lot of time and it helps us to ease our familiar and personal life"

    Sacha Misa y Noelia Fernandez


    Do you want to install a Smart Point™?

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    You are one step away from trying Mayordomo Smart Point for your company, office or apartment building. Enjoy the convenience of having a smart point to order and collect purchases and personal packages, easily and quickly. Now you can try it for a whole month, without any commitment!

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