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I want a locker in my office or building

Open the door to all our services and get free any parcel item.

Mayordomo it allows you to order directly from the distributor.

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How do I apply for a smart locker?

  • A Check the sizes of the lockers here
  • B Contact us through the form
  • CWe will contact you as soon as possible

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With Mayordomo you can follow the reception of your orders online, always free!

In addition to managing dry cleaning services, clothes fixing services, key duplication and more!

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How does the service work?

  • 1STEP 1: Enter your contact information
  • 2STEP 2: Select the service
  • 3STEP 3: Pay online at any time
  • 4STEP 4: You will receive a message when it is ready (24-48h)